Bridal Customs in Baltic Countries

Baltic states, including Lithuania, romanian wedding Latvia, and Estonia, which are situated between Europe and scandinavia, have plenty of enjoyable and exciting wedding customs. In the past, finding a wife and setting up the dowry required working together with an in-town match. Additionally, the wedding was moved to her dad’s house, and a two-day celebratory feast was held.

Even though marriage ceremonies today are typically shorter and more effective, some ceremony customs, such as hen parties and veil-giving, are still practiced at modern Baltic weddings. The bride creates a rue ( “ruta” ) wreath at hen parties. Rue ( ruta graveolens ), a common plant found in Lithuania and the surrounding area, represents virginity, premarital life, and purity. The bride is typically seen during the festival wearing the crown.

A common Lithuanian bride does remove her veil on the wedding time and present it to one of her younger sisters or a lone man as he stands in the room surrounded by all the subdued men. The second man in column for the wedding is next given the groom’s top scarf, which he then places over his nose.

A European girl is not only attractive, but also very considerate and kind to people. She’ll make sure to look after her household, making sure everyone is content and healthy. She is a wonderful choice for any partner to be because of her kindness and fortitude, which are the key reasons.

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